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Beauty Portrait Retouch Course - Complete Course in Photoshop ( English )

Erjon Sopaj
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Do You want to Learn Portrait Beauty Retouch ?

You are in the right place. My name is Erjon, I am Photographer, Retoucher and Photoshop instructor. I have been working as a retoucher for more than 10 years. Retouching, editing, post production is my everyday life.

In this course, you will learn a step by step process of portrait beauty retouch.

1. Introduction
2. Install Actions in Photoshop
3. Opening Raw File in Camera Raw
4. Cleaning
Cleaning ( Section of cleaning from fast to normal speed )
5. Frequency Separation
6. Dodge and Burn Technique
7. Final Touches & Few Adjustments

What's Needed ?
Adobe Photoshop

What's Included?
Raw File for practice, Retouching Actions, Video Courses+ My Psd File.

For who is this course for;

  • Anyone interested to learn Photo editing
  • People Curious to learn Adobe Photoshop
  • Professionals and students inclined towards learning Photo Editing skills.

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    If You want to solve your post production problems and want to become retoucher, . This course is for you.

    See You - in the first lesson.Erjon.
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Beauty Retouch Course

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Beauty Portrait Retouch Course - Complete Course in Photoshop ( English )

0 ratings
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